Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy One Month-aversary!

I just wanted to give you a quick update, pictures included, of the happenings of life in Costa Rica.  I have had quite the adventure already and I haven't even left the city yet.  It started out a few weeks ago at my first international schools Wyld Life club.  The pictures below might actually be from the two clubs that I've been to but it's always a good time and I feel right at home in the Wyld & crazy world of middle school kids. :) 

At our first Wyld Life club! 

A classic YL game where if you lose, you hold onto onto  the winner's shoulders after crawling through their legs...lines get long! 

A spin off from Rock/Paper/Scissors, Hobbit edition. 
I have also been to a few Young Life clubs/hang outs in my time here but I haven't brought my camera with me.

 I also helped out at a 5K for one of the main schools where we do Young Life and Wyld Life in Costa Rica.  It was a fundraiser through their new property where they plan to build a new campus in the near future.  Notice how I didn't say I ran the 5k but took it upon myself, with my friend Tiffany, to cheer on the crowd!  It was absolutely adorable because they had mini races for each age group starting at 2 years old!  Somehow, parents weren't allowed to help their kids because that would be "cheating" but I think overall everyone had a good time and only the redhead got sunburned.
 This is a picture of the girls in my class celebrating International Women's Day!  Who knew there was such a thing but we celebrated (and had already these made plans) with some fresh juice at our favorite local joint called Fresas.  You'll probably hear of that place a lot since it's so close to the house and oh so delicious.  (They also serve chicken nuggets & french fries, what more could you ask for?)
Pia, Emily, Ella & me 
 Last weekend I was invited on an amazing hike.  It was a challenging hike up to the "Tres Cruces" or three crosses that overlook San José.  It was beautiful but definitely not a walk in the park.

Tiffany, Sarah, Jessie & Me at the first cross

Second cross 

Tiffany & her leader from the US Jenni at the 3rd cross 

The cows are laying down and the clouds are rolling in, a sure sign of rain! (But it didn't, thankfully!) 
 The best part of the hike was when Tiffany was baptized by her YL leader who was visiting for the week.  It was a beautiful, intimate setting and it meant so much that I got to be a part of her day.
From death... 

To life & freezing cold water! 

 As you can see, this month has been jammed packed with a lot of fun adventures.  This past weekend was one of my favorites by far but it will get another blog post later this week because I want to fill in the details.  I am so thankful for this time in Costa Rica to get to build great new relationships and be in the part of the world that my heart was created for even if my skin hasn't quite caught on to that just yet.  Costa Rica is a beautiful country with great people and a special way of doing life that just makes you sigh sometimes, "Oh Costa Rica." But even as I let out that sigh, I find myself full of joy that this is my life and the Lord has placed me here specifically.