Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Recent happenings...

1 Year in Central America (Sat. Feb. 15th)
6 Months in Nicaragua (Tues. Feb. 18th) 

This is literally my friend's backyard! 
Every Monday night since probably September I have had the joy of getting to know the missionary community/NCA teachers at Monday Night Dinner hosted by a beautiful family.  Homemade food + making new friends = A great way to start each week!  

Got to watch the Superbowl with these lovely ladies!  Maggie is one of the girls I meet with weekly and her mom is my Bible study leader on Tuesday nights.  So much love! 

Our first club of 2014 took place at the Burger King (two-stories, nicest BK I've ever seen!)

The next club was in honor of the Winter Olympics in Russia so of course we had mustaches to celebrate! 

The premiere of the Duct Tape Sisters - Sticky & Stuck 
What an honor it is to be the reoccurring skit character to get kids excited about camp! (Things I never thought I'd be: Ghetto and a reoccurring character)

Young Life staff has given me a flexible schedule in the mornings so I was lucky enough to fill in for the PE teacher at NCA a couple weeks ago.  Playing tag with 3 year olds is good for the soul. 

We had a leader retreat at the beach a few weekends ago - student leaders, volunteers and staff all coming together to learn how to lead as a team with the love that only comes from Jesus.  It was a sweet weekend filled with lots of laughter, beach time and strong community. Thankful to be a part of this team! 
Boys will be boys even when they turn into men.
My team is AWESOME! 
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua