Friday, June 26, 2015

Better late than never pictures from the spring

Another old post I should have posted in say...April? Sorry about it.  Here's some fun photos from Tacky Prom and a work team I translated for in March. Thanks for checking in.  I'm going to blame internet being spotty at my house for not being better but you should know the truth, I'm not a good blogger.  

A team I translated for / worked with this March.  

The coolest part of this team was that the trip leader had actually just adopted from Nicaragua last November before AND was the camp speaker at Windy Gap for us.  Small world but even smaller Young Life world.  It made for a sweet connection when we brought kids last week.  

Check back for more camp pics when I have stable internet.

Con amor! <3 

Camp Photos Round 1

First night in NC with classic NC Bbq and pool party! 

Camp tshirts were a hit! 

Ella & me getting ready for western night 

Me & Fernanda 

Camp food is the bessssssstttt! 

Just a little dunk tank / flour bombs to keep the night interesting 

Denisse loves the square dancing! 

Nothing beats the Sippie with Cheerwine slushies! 

Club - party with a purpose! 

Obstacle course 1st night at camp! 

Genid's first time using a vending machine! 
She had to buy me a soda! :) 

Adrianna and I are rocking our new shades! 

Only fitting that we would be on the blue team! 


Shovel races in the rodeo!