Saturday, June 14, 2014


One thing I haven't been: Good at keeping up with my blog.
One promise I refuse to make: I will get better.
One promise I will make: This blog will be long and full of pictures.

March, April & May were jammed packed with goodness.  I realize it's mid June so I'll be behind on my blogging but just enjoy the flood of pictures and email me if you want more details.

Start with one of the legendary clubs of this semester:

Clubbus - dubbed the FIRST ANNUAL meaning, it was too good not to repeat!

One of our student leaders' dads owns a bus company and was willing to drive us around Managua as we had club on a bus filled with games and songs and chaos.  We made several stops around town including McDonalds where they TP'd the bus and then the last part of the game was to clean it all up and the team with the least amount of TP in their trashbag won!  We also had students race to eat the whole dollar menu in 2 groups of 3.  With a few other stops in between, we finished the night at a park where another student leader did an awesome job giving the talk.  I can't wait for next year!

Starting in March, I've worked with at least one work team a month.  I've been up at the Finca every month anywhere from a couple days with Raleigh YL, a week as work crew and a week with a team from Tennessee.  When I work up there with teams I'm kind of a project manager (aka cheerleader because hauling rocks, moving dirt and painting ceilings needs a lot of encouragement!).  The Finca is getting a facelift which is so exciting to be a part of.  We are expanding the camp from a max capacity of about 180 kids to 350!  That means almost DOUBLE the amount of kids in one week will here about Jesus and be changed forever. I will be up at the Finca a few more times this summer as my "summer assignment" with other teams.  Will you pray for safety, team unity and that we see Jesus in the details and the people?  

My first work team.  This group was from Mississippi with a few friends from Esteli, Nicaragua and the Finca workers who live in Jinotega.  We got to work on what is now a beautiful fire pit that overlooks the entire camp and the only way to get there is to walk through the coffee plants!  Amazing. 

Again, my favorite volcano in Nicaragua.  
This is the Vida Joven team from UCA - a university in Managua and I love them all.  

The girls from UCA and Kansas at the end of a fantastic week. 

This is a mural painted on a missionary family's gate in Matagalpa.  It says Your Smile Inspires Us and that inspires me.  

The Tennessee girls, Dina from Matagalpa, Ludem from Masaya and Maynor the Finca worker.  We sanded and painted this gazebo that will be used as a place of prayer by leaders and kids during new kids camp in July.  Pray with us, will you? 

The true joy I've had recently is getting to hang out with the girls from NCA.  They had a musical, the first ever in fact, in these crazy months and I had the honor to see their amazing talent.  The musical was based off of the book of Esther. 

Lydia was behind the scenes. 

Maggie showed off her singing skills as one of the main roles!  

Hery played her part too, beautifully!  These girls are so talented people! 

And the best part of my job is getting to show up at school and take girls on an impromptu "snowball" run aka snow cone aka slushy aka delicious in the heat of Managua.  I don't know if I've told you but I have the best job ever and I'm humbled every day that I get to be a part of something so amazing.  Jesus is moving and grooving down here in Nicaragua and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  I know that seems cheesy and maybe redundant after a while but it's true.  My heart is the happiest here because of the call that is on my life.  

The adventures have continued and stories have been left out but these are a few of the highlights.  One of my prayers has been and will continue to be as missionaries leave Nica for one reason or another and new ones come in for community and I can tell you that the Lord has showed up and showed off once again.  These people, Nicaraguans and "Gringos" down here know how to love and know how to love me well.  This season of life has been a bit of a challenge for me for various reasons but like I just said, I wouldn't change...most of it...for anything.  (If I'm honest. ;) )