Friday, June 26, 2015

Camp Photos Round 1

First night in NC with classic NC Bbq and pool party! 

Camp tshirts were a hit! 

Ella & me getting ready for western night 

Me & Fernanda 

Camp food is the bessssssstttt! 

Just a little dunk tank / flour bombs to keep the night interesting 

Denisse loves the square dancing! 

Nothing beats the Sippie with Cheerwine slushies! 

Club - party with a purpose! 

Obstacle course 1st night at camp! 

Genid's first time using a vending machine! 
She had to buy me a soda! :) 

Adrianna and I are rocking our new shades! 

Only fitting that we would be on the blue team! 


Shovel races in the rodeo! 

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